An Oxbridge application limited by geography or background?

Recent news coverage over Oxbridge applications has focused on the gographical differences between successful applicants. In particular in Yorkshire, where not a single student was accepted to either university from state schools in the region.

The press have also highlighted the fact that of those students receiving means-tested school dinners, none went on to study at Oxbridge. Nationwide, just 4% of students eligible for free school dinners went on to study at the top tier Russell group universities, a figure which is half of those students from more affluent backgrounds.
Meanwhile, several state schools in the South have achieved their highest ever figures of Oxbridge applicants, potentially indicating the widening gap between the North and the South.
Russell group heads highlighted the efforts they make to promote social mobility through bursaries and outreach, but place the blame for variance in admissions success based on background firmly at the feet of schools and ministers.

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