#OxbridgeHumanities – #Oxbridge Typical Day – #TheologyStudent

  • Usually wake up at around 9am and go to breakfast. It’s a good way to talk and meet up with friends who you may not have been able to see through the day.
  • I have two lectures from 10-12 (As busy as it ever gets).I do try and get some reading done just before the lectures. Then I return to college for lunch. A good time, again, to catch up with friends and indeed with fellow theologians
  • Sometimes have a seminar at 3pm. These are very interesting as it allows you to put your reading into practice and you have to be prepared to debate your own views not only with a tutor but fellow peers as well
  • At 5pm I personally ensure that I do some sort of sport each day at this time because I’m probably least busy. Then I try and get a group together to either go to formal at another college or dinner outside if my bank balance allows it
  • Then at around 9pm sometimes I like to get a good start on my reading for tutorials to type down a few vague ideas/scholarship
  • At 11pm – Either bed or go out. You can really decide this for yourself; if you feel you’ve done enough work and don’t have a very heavy schedule the next day you can definitely go out. Also, there are many many alternatives such as Pub Quizzes, Lectures, Debates, Movie Nights etc… Oxford is full of things to do at any one time.