#Oxford #Classicist – Interview Experience & Musings

We speak to an Oxford Classicist and Linguist about their decision to study there, their interview experience and a typical day:

Why did you choose to study Classics and a Language at Oxford?

I chose my combined course because I wanted my degree to be as full of language and literature as I could make it. Languages were always my favourite subject at school, and I was very keen to keep an ancient and modern perspective (and develop some ideas about the connections between the two). A combined honours course is a little more work than a straightforward degree, but highly worthwhile if you are really interested in both sides of the degree, and especially if you are looking to explore the relationship between the two!

What can you tell us about your Oxford Classics interview?

I was fortunate enough to have excellent help and advice in the lead-up to my Oxford application, and so the reason that I tutor is because I am keen to give others some of the insight and preparation that I was lucky enough to have myself.

My application experience was a positive one in general. I ended up being asked to stay for 5 days, which meant lots of time to explore Oxford. Not all of the interviews went well – the first was something of a disaster: as it turns out, it’s pretty important to make sure you have all the plot details firmly in your mind of any texts that you would like to talk about in the interview!

What is a typical day studying at Oxford like?

My typical day at Oxford involves getting up for morning lectures, which may or may not be related to my specific studies at that time, but all of which give interesting and varied perspectives to consolidate my reading (or sometimes introduce me to something new). After a couple of hours’ work in one of Oxford’s many beautiful libraries, I have lunch in college with friends. The afternoon often involves a one-on-one tutorial or a seminar with a small group, typically with an academic who is an expert on the subject: we normally discuss a recent essay I have written. The evening could involve a formal dinner (suits and gowns), a trip to a pub, a night out, or (depending on workload at the time) some more work on an essay.