Cambridge Law – A day in the life #Camlaw #studylawcambridge

One of our tutors posts a typical day in their life as a law student at Cambridge.


I tend to wake up around 8.30am in the morning ready to start my day. I head to the Sidgwick Site for my lectures at the Faculty of Law at around 10am, though this will vary depending on my lecture timetable. This year I was very lucky not to have a single 9am lecture! After attending my daily lectures, I would grab lunch with my friends before heading back to College. If I have a supervision that day, I would spend the hour before recapping on all of the notes I had made in order to aid my performance in the session. After a supervision, I tend to take a break with my friends by going to the shops or grabbing a coffee which helps us to unwind and gives our brains a break. The evening would then be dictated by the workload for that day, I would usually spend a couple of hours working on an essay before cooking or going out for dinner with friends and then either come back to finish my essay or spend the night doing something more fun such as visiting the ADC theatre