Diversity at Oxbridge and Nationally

A really interesting article came out a few days ago about the makeup of university applications in the UK. Much is made of gender, race and class when it comes to the elite institutions such as Oxford and Cambridge, but very little is said of the university system as a whole. After all, Tony Blair’s big ideas for education covered the whole spectrum.

In summary, 29% of white British students are applying for a university education which is a smaller percentage than the Asian and black population in the UK. In absolute terms, the numbers are higher, but it is an interesting figure to consider.

What does this mean? Are more white British applying for apprenticeships? Are they disenchanted with a university education or an education itself? Why do black, south asian or east asian students have a higher percentage of applicants?

Most of the news providers stop short of giving any hints as to why this may be, and in fact it is hard to analyse this in isolation, given that university applications are on the rise again. It would seem that students have not been put off by tuition fees.

This report certainly gives us pause for thought, and asks the question of whether the national figures stack up with our own. As an organisation seeking to help applications to Oxbridge with the only precondition being attainment and effort, the statistics tell a tale, but do they allow for the role of the individual/personality?



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