Is Oxbridge too stuffy for you?

Is Oxbridge stuffy? Have your say. Recently the press has been stating that state school students think they would prefer to go to the US to study. We would be really interested in hearing your thoughts:

The Ivy league schools in the US have a great reputation and the curriculum is more broad. High profile defectors include Laura Spence, who was famously rejected by Oxford University and accepted by Harvard.

However, her case highlights the potential downside for those who are already set on their career such as medicine. With the culture of ‘grad schools’ in the US, it would involve a less focused route into medicine for example. But conversely, for those who are less sure or who would value a broad educational experience, then this sort of study would make sense.

In the US, there is also far greater emphasis on contact time and continual essays/assessments. Students will all subscribe to certain classes, and be expected to show up and have papers formally graded. At Oxbridge in particular, students will have focused tuition in the supervision/tutorial setting and the essays will be less formally marked.

And then there is the cost. Whilst UK fees are going up, they are still no match to the level of funding required at US universities. Loans to students are often quite favourable and there are a large number of scholarships and bursaries available, but the financing needed to commit to study in the US is not for the faint hearted.

For some students however, their reservations about Oxbridge relate less to the educational opportunities and more to the perception of stuffiness. This writer, as a state school student himself, would like readers to have faith in the University system we have fostered and the people you will be surrounded with. There will be people from all walks of life and plenty of people with shared interests. Whether you feel more at home debating in the Union, acting and performing on the stage or relaxing in South Parks, there will be something for everyone.


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