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One of our tutors recounts some of his valuable insights into studying law at Cambridge.


Studying law at Cambridge is directly comparable to few subjects I have studied before. In this way, the law tripos is academically inter-disciplinary. For example, the structured proofs required in maths mirror the way in which ‘problem questions’ are answered. Furthermore, broad legal debates such as ‘how far our constitution should protect freedom of expression?’ draw on one’s lexical dexterity and ability to cogently argue, developed in subjects like history and philosophy. I have found the law tripos exceedingly satisfying and challenging in this respect. While much of the work concerns the theoretical – ‘what is the basis for enforcing a promise?’, for example – it is grounded in everyday experience, which makes it a degree that is highly relatable to the real world. Understanding the moral basis for enforcing a promise offers a foundation from which to understand why contract law works in the way it does. I firmly recommend studying law if you want an academic and intellectual challenge, which sets you up for a better understanding of how, among other things, society works.