Mentoring services

Our Premium Service is designed to guide students from the moment they decide to apply for Oxbridge all the way to interview, with a personal tutor from their subject, university and college of choice.

Our guiding principles are those which we believe underpin any student who will make an exceptional Oxbridge candidate-

–       Hard work and dedication.  We expect our students to work hard. The course requires several hours of extra work per week, focused entirely on the Oxbridge application. Although this may seem like a lot, having a structured programme removes the stress and fear away from the application process , and allows the student to focus entirely on the tasks given to them by the tutor

–       Passion and academic ability. All of our students have exceptional academic CVs, however, in the competitive world of Oxbridge this is often not enough to stand out. We focus on developing their academic CVs with very specific goals which we know the interviewers will value and which will set them apart from the competition, rather than an adhoc mixture of extracurricular activities.

–       Specificity and focus. Our main strength is our ability to give very specific advice for every subject, for every college, through our subject-specific tutors. Understanding the Oxbridge system is key to showing to a college tutor or interviewer that you are the teachable, knowledgeable and passionate student they want to be tutoring for the next few years in your degree.  With the application process being so opaque, the only people who know this are current and former students, who not only know the course, but who will also know the  quirks of each college, the interviewers, the specific topics they tend to favour.

Our tutors

Our tutors are all former or current Oxbridge individual Humanities subject students who have an intricate understanding of the application process, the Oxbridge courses and the nature and content of the interviews. Each applicant will be assigned a tutor who has been to the university they wish to apply to in the subject they wish to apply to, who will assist them in all aspects of the application.

Additional guidance will be provided by the Head of their subject at OxbridgeHumanities, our senior subject tutor who will liaise with both parties ensuring that progress is made, targets are met and all students are developing into outstanding applicants. With around 500 applications for tutoring positions each year from undergraduate and newly graduated students from Oxford and Cambridge both OxbridgeSciences and OxbridgeHumanities has the largest Oxbridge-only tutor base. Tutoring positions are highly competitive so that we can guarantee that each student has the best tutor for their specific needs.  Please see subjects for specific tutor profiles

Forming a partnership-

We believe that a student applying to Oxbridge needs more than just a tutor to teach them about their subject, they need a mentor for every aspect of their potential new life at Oxbridge. As every one of our tutors has been through the daunting process of applying they know exactly what the major worries are of a potential applicant, far more than any teachers, parents or friends.

We believe in creating a partnership between the tutor and the student so that they work together with the single goal of performing at their very best at interview, regardless of how hard they have to work to get there. It is testament to the way we work that several hundreds of tutors apply; tutors invariably say they really appreciate the Oxbridge-centric environment at OxbridgeSciences and OxbridgeHumanities. Of these, we only pick the very best for each of our applicants.

We believe in also believe in an honest and human approach, not focusing on sheer numbers of students at the expense of quality, but tailoring our approach for each individual student. In the past, applicants have asked their tutors to accompany them to interview to keep them calm and focused, we’ve been up until the early hours with students with last-minute panics about their admissions exams, and we’ve been there at the end when students receive their offers, and we can all say there is nothing quite like it.

Our support 

Our methods are different to other tutoring services. We do not believe in simply trawling through the list of ‘things to do’ with no focus or target. Our programmes are tailored to each student according to their strengths and weaknesses, adapted along the way with the help of the tutors, the senior tutors and input from the student, and focused entirely on an outstanding application for Oxbridge. Some of the things we cover include-

 Personal    statement Successful Oxbridge candidates have learnt that the personal statements are not used in the same way as at other universities at Oxford and Cambridge. Rarely used during the UCAS admissions process they are only really used at interview to pick out topics of conversations to start a line of questioning. Our tutors will therefore help to write the personal statement with this in mind. As part of our focused programme we will ensure the personal statement is finished early, and is geared specifically to Oxbridge.
 Academic portfolio Our aim is to develop a CV of academic achievements and interests which will be far superior to any other candidate’s. This includes reading a range of books, journals and articles, selected for the student specifically by the tutor, to writing essays, entering relevant competitions and gaining the right work experience where appropriate. Oxbridge applications are done almost entirely on academic merit, so although achievements such as music, sport and things like DoB are commendable they DO NOT differentiate the student from the crowd. Our methods will help the student to achieve a level of understanding and reasoning in their subject which would be expected of an undergraduate Oxbridge student.
 Subjects of Interest Unique to our programme is the concept of academic subjects of interest, a key part of any application for Oxbridge yet one that few applicants understand the importance of. These are subjects within your field, beyond A-level, which the student will research over the course of 4 months with the help of their tutor. These form the basis of a solid application and demonstrate genuine enthusiasm for the subject
  Admissions tests Most subjects will have an admissions test as part of the application, and different courses weight your performance on these tests differently. Applicants must not underestimate how important these tests are and a large amount of tuition and preparation time will be dedicated to achieving the highest possible marks in these.
 Tutorial preparation Interviews at Oxbridge are chiefly designed to see whether students are ‘Oxbridge material’, that is to say, are they teachable, enthusiastic and can they participate in a tutorial. We want to teach our students what a tutorial is like, and how to prepare for them before they get to interview, so that they can demonstrate these qualities to their interviewers. This is done through either a Tutorial Simulation Day or as part of the Mock Interview Days
Interview preparation Most of the tuition time will be spent on perfecting interview technique, practicing Oxbridge-style questions over and over again, and developing logic and reasoning skills so that applicants can answer any question, regardless of how difficult, in a sensible and logical manner. This is the single most important part of our Premium service, and students who work hard at this will most likely be successful.
 Mock Interviews All students will receive at least 4 full-length mock interviews with real past Oxbridge questions, given by SUBJECT SPECIFIC tutors, that is to say, ONLY former medical students will be allowed to interview medical applicants. This again, is unique to OxbridgeSciences and OxbridgeHumanities


Our events

In addition to the ongoing personal tuition that they will receive from their tutor and assistant tutor, our Premium Service members will be invited to attend our Tutorial Simulation weekend and Mock interview Weekend. The Tutorial Simulation Weekend is designed to bring together applicants in a tutorial style format to prepare them for the Oxbridge way of learning and interacting with fellow students with a passion for the Sciences.  In the format of debates and discussion, interview sessions, essay coaching and higher level academic interaction guided by Oxbridge these sessions have been highly successful in the past and are unique to OxbridgeHumanities.

Our Mock interview weekends are held in November. Students will receive a full day of realistic and challenging mock interviews from our tutors to prepare them for the December interviews at Oxford and Cambridge, as well as an interview technique session run by a former Oxbridge Admissions tutor.

Our applicants

Places on our Premium Service are limited. Our applicants must demonstrate that they have the required grades, enthusiasm and ambition to be accepted onto our programme. A minimum requirement is 3 A grade predictions at A level and all A or A*s at GCSE