#Oxbridge Admissions: Current views #Oxbridgeinterviews #UCAS #Oxbridgediversity

A set of interesting articles from both the New Statesman and the Guardian in the annual news pieces which give their thoughts on the admisisons process. Populated by a plethora of Oxbridge-educated journalists, the various publications try to dissect or undermine the admissions process each year.

In Summary:

  • Interview is an art not a science
  • There is an element of luck
  • College choices can have a disproportionate effect on your chances of success
  • Journalists VIEWS are that “Oxbridge does remain disproportionately populated by the bourgeois and well-heeled, but whether this is the fault of the admissions process or some external factor is very far from clear”
  • Admissions tutors do not try to torment applicants in a ‘trial by fire’
  • Admissions tutors take into account contextual info like social background and school quality as well as academic factors
  • Personality matters
  • Admissions tutors also make subjective decisions about marginal candidates for whom the process could go either way, effectively ruling someone in or out according to their whim
  • Subjective judgements about how to balance grades, confidence and background are also made
  • The tutors may consider the dynamic of the group of students that they recruit



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