#Oxbridge #English Literature – An Applicant’s tale

How did you pick your college?

I never visited the college to which I applied and I knew hardly anything about the identity of Colleges (e.g the specialities/personnel of their respective faculties, and the probabilities of getting in depending on schooling etc.) Overall, this was immaterial as I received an offer, and have felt quite at home at College. However, this was partly down to chance. I could just have easily hedged my bets on a college with low state-school acceptance, faculty in fields dissociated from my then-interests, and with an ethos/environment in which I would not have thrived if/when accepted. I’m thankful that things have worked out but think it is important that applicants carefully consider where they apply to in order to maximise their chance of getting in, and to increase the likelihood they are happy there if accepted. I say this with the caveat that there are of course limitations on how strategic one can be!