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What do you like about studying Economics and tell us about a typical day?

I enjoy studying Economics because the subject is very broad – in first year we take five compulsory papers, then in second and third years you can take optional papers to tailor the course to your own interests. Supervisions are a great way to discuss ideas in smaller groups and to gain greater understanding of difficult topics.

On a typical day I attend two or three lectures in the morning, and I have a couple of supervision a week, usually in the afternoons. I spend the rest of my time working on assignments and doing extra-curricular activities/relaxing – the college environment is very sociable!

How was your interview?

My interview was a lot less intense than I was expecting – the supervisors were very nice and the atmosphere was very friendly! It didn’t seem like they were trying to grill me, more that they were trying to discover which areas of Economics I was interested and whether I would benefit from Cambridge’s supervision style of learning.