#OxbridgeLaw – #OxbridgeInterviews – Picking yourself up

One of our students talks about applying, subsequent disappointment and then successful readmission to study law at Oxford:

Although currently a third year studying BA Law (Jurisprudence) at Oxford, my journey to this point was far from straightforward. Having achieved a great deal of success academically at GCSE, in my second year of Sixth Form I decided to apply for Law at University College, achieving an offer in part due to my LNAT score of 30 and positive feedback from my interview.

Unfortunately, however, when it came to Results Day I had narrowly missed my offer in one of my papers by 1 mark. I thus made the difficult decision to re-apply, going through the process once more and again receiving an offer, but from my current college. Come result’s day once more and I had exceeded expectations to attain A*s in my resit and A Level Politics, taking the whole course in one year.

Having experienced and learned from the admissions process twice, as well as the experience of resitting examinations and learning from the mistakes of a previous paper, I now channel this to help others with application advice and general endeavours to improve grades. As well
as helping with GCSE subjects and all the subjects I took at A-Level, due to the nature of the modules I take at university (Roman Law, Constitutional Law and Criminal Law) I would also aid with A Level Law.