#Oxford #E&M: Interviews and choosing the subject

Can you describe your interview experience?

In terms of my application experience, a noteworthy aspect was that unlike most applicants I hadn’t studied Economics or Management at A level so they were entirely new subjects to me when it came to interview. Since the interviews were strongly based on game theory problems and intuition, my application experience allows me to help in preparing students to adapt to new material and the abstract questions which are asked. My particular college’s interview process also involved testing mathematical ability and challenging graph drawing questions. Despite not studying an essay subject at A level, Oxford has taught me how to structure a good essay from scratch and the best ways in which to structure arguments and communicate thoughts, which I apply to my tutees.

Why did you choose to study E&M?

I chose Economics and Management as I really enjoyed further maths at A level and wanted to be able to apply it to real world situations, making microeconomics my favourite topic. I’ve enjoyed management this year as I’m interested in going into a corporate function in the long term and find learning about corporations very interesting. My special areas of interest so far are finance, microeconomics and looking at recent corporate cases in General Management, and I hope to expand these interests as we start to cover more topics