#OxfordGeography – My #OxbridgeApplication Experience

The most daunting part of the application process is the interview (at least for me). What I particularly want to focus on is the freedom of thought in these interviews and the mindset that lends itself to interesting answers in Geography. For example, one of the opening questions was ‘What was the Geography of your breakfast?’, in retrospect 4 years of studying Geography on, there are numerous trains of thought that I could have developed in the interview. However, the most important aspect in the interview context is to justify one’s thinking. In a discipline such as Geography, it is important to share with the interviewers the train of thought that leads to an answer. It really forms the basis of academia – the argument. The inability to give a ‘wrong’ answer gave a distinct feeling of freedom to explore whatever … However, education at A-Level and GCSE oftentimes enforce a degree of narrowness and a binary of right and wrong. Especially in Geography, the freedom to draw connections, question the assumptions of our understandings and move through our train of thought is essential to a fulfilling interview.