#PPE #OxfordApplications – PPE: A Tutor’s Experience

How would you describe your time at Oxford?

As a PPE graduate, I am incredibly grateful for the education I was able to receive. PPE provided me with the opportunity to focus on a wide range of topics and develop a rare set of skills. As somebody who needs constant stimulation, it made a huge difference being able to write an essay on democracy in the first part of the week and then switch my focus totally to solving Game Theory problems in the second half of the week. My preparation for interview benefited form a similar wish to study a wide range of topics: I generally read whatever took my fancy across the three areas, noting what I enjoyed and reading more in the area. Crucially, I tried to think about everything that I read and what questions were being raised. This meant that when it came to interview, even though none of my questions were directly about my reading, I was able to respond to the stimulus and demonstrate how much I enjoyed thinking about the issues.