What sort of questions should I expect? #Oxbridge #English #Blogspeare

There are many ‘scare stories’ about supposedly crazy questions being asked in interviews for Oxford and Cambridge colleges. At Oxbridge English, we’ve heard hundreds of stories about unanswerable puzzles, strange conundrums, and interviewers behaving badly, and we’re pretty confident that many of these are probably apocryphal.

However, that doesn’t mean that tutors aren’t going to ask difficult questions, and one of the key purposes of the interview process is for the interviewer to establish how well each potential student is able to cope with, and be open to, new thoughts and ideas which might challenge what individuals expect from an Oxbridge tutorial.

Coming up, we will have a breakdown of some of the more obscure questions that we have come across in interviews, with some reasoning as to why these might be asked.

In the meantime, the Oxford University website gives some examples of typical questions at the below link – some of these might surprise you.

Sample English Literature questions from Oxford University interviews