Why I study #Linguistics at #Oxford

What do you particularly like about your degree subject?

My particular areas of interest in my joint degree lie in the grammar of languages, the study of literature and general linguistics, from the philosophy of language, to the overlap between semantics and pragmatics to an analysis of Chomskian nativism.

Why did you choose to study Language & Linguistics at Oxford?

Having done humanities subjects at school I’ve always really loved analysing literary pieces, because I find that, actually regardless of the language one is looking at, the archetypes considered alongside the themes addressed are both universal and relevant. I applied to do Italian because I felt I had become decently proficient in Latin and wanted a new challenge. I always loved ancient texts but I also really enjoyed all the Italian books that I read in the application progress, from authors such as Levi, Calvino, Pavese and so on. My interest in philosophy also led me to linguistics, as at school I was always interested in, alongside general analytic and continental philosophy, the philosophy of language. Thus, I think that, alongside philosophy generally which I still engage with all the time by reading books etc., is where my strengths lie. I also find myself attracted to grammar, be it in English, Italian, Latin etc., and so would consider that a special area of interest.

Can you describe a typical day at Oxford?

Most days I am busy from around 11-5 just at lectures, tutorials and lessons. After that I will either work on an internet show I am involved in, be that making the playlist, researching or recording, or helping out at the college paper, going to meetings or DJ workshops. Every week I go to meetings for the ball committee, which I am part of the team for. I will also try to exercise pretty much every day, which takes an hour out. Of course, I would then go out with friends.